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Montessori Journey: OPEN HOUSE


DATE: Saturday 13 March 2021

Time: 10am & 10.30am start

Have you ever wondered just what it’s like for your child on typical day at school?

If they are a little older, then they can probably tell you about it. But hearing about it, and experiencing it yourself are completely different.

At North-Eastern Montessori School, we are passionate about creating an environment where our students love to learn, from the very youngest in our Toddler Community, right through to our oldest Year 6 students who are getting ready to head off to secondary school next year.

Our application of the Montessori Philosophy inspires active engagement in study. We encourage our students to take responsibility for their day to day tasks, helping them become self-reliant, independent individuals. We use the Montessori materials to ensure they are active learners – feeling and experiencing the learning, rather than just listening to someone explain it.

Our Montessori Journey: OPEN HOUSE provides you the opportunity to feel and experience what a day in your child’s learning might be like.

Whether you are a current parent at the school, interested in gaining a greater perspective of your child’s experiences at North-Eastern, or a prospective parent, searching for the right school for your child, and interested in learning more about what we do, the Montessori Journey: OPEN HOUSE may be just what you are looking for.

Our skilled educators will take you on a journey through the eyes of our students using Montessori materials, so that you can understand the true difference a Montessori education can make.

This is an experience just for parents, so we ask that you please don’t bring your children along. 

The event is FREE, however bookings are essential.
Numbers are limited due to the COVID guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: The 10am Montessori Journey: OPEN HOUSE is fully booked.
We have opened a second event for the same day, beginning at 10.30am.