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Principal’s Welcome

If you have found your way to our website, then I imagine you are interested in an educational approach that fosters children’s intellectual curiosity, focuses on emotional and social development as much as academic progress, and provides a nurturing environment that is full of vibrancy!

Well, that’s us!

Welcome to North-Eastern Montessori School!

If you are interested in learning more about our programs at North-Eastern, our website will provide a great overview; however I highly recommend you come along to one of our School tours so that you can experience us in action. When people visit us, they often remark how engaged and happy the children seem to be.  We know that children learn best from doing, so it’s hands-on learning here at North-Eastern.

Just like adults, children also flourish when they have greater autonomy over their learning. Our students engage in self-directed learning, guided by educators who carefully match the right amount of challenge to each student’s program. At North-Eastern, everyone is an individual. We look for children’s passions and help them harness their strengths so they can develop into informed, active, and altruistic global citizens.

We look forward to seeing you at North-Eastern!

Janis Coffey