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Our History

North-Eastern Montessori School had it’s humble beginnings in 1975, when a group of like-minded locals came together to establish a Montessori school for their children. Two sessional preschool groups of around 40 children commenced in September 1976 in rented premises in Montmorency. Numbers increased steadily and the Primary School was added in 1978, with 25 Foundation students.

As the school continued to grow in the coming years, a permanent home was sought. In late 1979 the Plenty Valley Montessori School Association purchased the Aqueduct Road site in St Helena, and our school began to flourish into the innovative, dynamic learning environment that exists today.

From this small beginning, the school has grown and expanded to include students from a wide area of the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2021 Plenty Valley International Montessori School changed it’s name to North-Eastern Montessori School. This was the result of a two year process of revisiting the character of our School and identifying what our position in Montessori education is, particularly in reference to our geographic location.

Whilst a name change wasn’t the original intention of the review, we are thrilled with our new representation as the prominent Montessori School in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.