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School Board

North-Eastern Montessori School operates as a not-for-profit, company limited by guarantee. Under the terms of the School Constitution, the School Board is comprised of both member elected Directors and Board appointed Directors. At any time there is a minimum of five and maximum of nine Board Directors. Our Principal and Business Manager are also members of our School Board.

Dr Josh Fergeus
Dr Josh Fergeus Board Chair
Josh was appointed to the Board as an Independent Director nominated as Chair in March 2024. He is a qualified teacher and child and family welfare expert. Josh has held a range of other Board positions including Vice-President of the Victorian Local Governance Association, President of the Foster Care Association of Victoria, and Board Director of Robinvale District Health Service.
Fiona Grandage
Fiona Grandage Deputy Chair. Chair - Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee
Fiona is a current school parent who was appointed to the Board in 2023. Fiona is a legal and governance professional who has worked primarily as an in-house lawyer for companies in the manufacturing, transport and tertiary education sectors. She holds qualifications including a Certificate in Governance and Risk Management.
Amod Joshi
Amod Joshi Treasurer. Member - Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee
Amod is a current school parent who was elected to the Board in 2019. Amod has over 16 years’ experience in Project Management, Finance and Business Operations within Defence, Telecommunications and other sectors.
Dr Jade McEwen
Dr Jade McEwen Member - Audit, Risk & Compliance
Jade is a current school parent who was elected to the Board in 2021. Jade is a Research Fellow, with expertise in measuring the congruence between intended outcomes and practice, human service regulation and the identification & prevention of abuse. Jade holds a PhD in Social Policy and a Masters in Disability Studies.
Faza Fauzi
Faza Fauzi Member - Infrastructure, Building & Grounds
Faza is a current school parent who was appointed to the board in 2023. Faza is a Town Planner and works in Infrastructure and Operations at a major university, and specialises in Sustainability & Campus Planning. She holds a Masters degree in Social Science (Planning & Environment) and Bachelor degree in Science (Geography and Ecology).
Shlomo Yeshurun
Shlomo Yeshurun Member - Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee
Shlomo is a current school parent who was appointed to the Board in 2024. Shlomo is a Research Scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience and expertise in research design and statistical analysis, as well as project management and innovation.
Wassim Daghash
Wassim Daghash Member - Infrastructure, Building & Grounds
Wassim is a current school parent who was appointed to the Board in 2024. Wassim is an Information Security Consultant helping enterprises understand gaps in their information security posture and how to mitigate these risks with innovative technologies.

During 2020, as well as working on our rebranding, the School Board spent considerable time reviewing and renewing the Strategic Plan for our School. Below you will find the new Strategic Plan which documents the four main pillars that will guide our activity and development during the coming years.

Our School is run by the North-Eastern Montessori School Association, trading as North-Eastern Montessori School.

The AGM of the School Association happens in May, and parent members may nominate for vacant board positions via the nominations handbook.