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Guiding the Child Towards Freedom

Guiding the Child Towards Freedom  “These conquerors of themselves have also attained freedom since they have rid themselves of those many disorderly and unconscious tendencies that necessarily place children under
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All behaviours are communication

In a recent staff meeting, North-eastern Montessori School educators spent time revisiting the idea that all children’s behaviour is a form of communication. Human beings are complex and can have
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A Little Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Montessori vs Steiner

Foundations The period in which Dr. Maria Montessori’s and Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies germinated was influential in their construction and lent a humanistic element to both philosophies. Social reform was a
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10 Key Differences of Montessori Education

Education and schooling is an experience we’ve all had and everyone has their own impression of it spanning from a good experience to a horrible one – often accepting it
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Benefits of learning in a mixed-age classroom

Do you really want your child learning in a mixed-age classroom, where there will be an even wider range of skills and abilities amongst students? Well, if we look at
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Students at the Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne

What would Dr Montessori say about technology in the classroom?

Montessori education can have a bit of a reputation for valuing and upholding some ‘old-fashioned’ ways of doing things such as cloth washing with a corrugated washboard and favouring chalkboards
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Year 6 Graduation – a collaborative approach

Each year our final year Cycle 3 students – the Year 6 cohort – are celebrated in a Graduation Ceremony to farewell them from the School. In keeping with the
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Resilience in the time of Distance Learning

The big catch word in education these days is “resilience” and much has been written and spoken about it around the world.  It is believed that building resilience equips one
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Montessori: The Conquest of Independence

Independence is one of the key principles and goals of Montessori Method of education as Dr. Maria Montessori tells us in The Discovery of the Child that, “If teaching is
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