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Our Philosophy

North-Eastern Montessori School is firmly rooted in the timeless and globally recognised methods of Montessori philosophy, whilst integrating the best of modern education. Our staff are passionate about empowering children to enhance their individual potential in all aspects of their development, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and their individual learning styles.

We recognise that there are necessary concepts to learn, however we treat the curiosity of each child as an equally important component of their learning. Our staff strive to identify the individual abilities of each child, so that they may help to facilitate their holistic study of ideas and concepts rather than distinct subjects.

You can learn more about the Maria Montessori and her Philosophy here.

Our Vision

We empower individuals to excel by fanning the flames of curiosity.

Our Purpose

To be a celebrated School where we all love to learn.


Our Cultural Values


See people for who they are. 

Our school embraces diversity. It is a place where individuality is celebrated. The rights of community members are respected and voices are heard and accepted. Cultural traditions are welcomed, often with parents coming to classrooms to discuss their cultural celebrations with students. 

Each student is seen as an individual with unique traits and skills. We see the strengths in every individual and understand that, at the core, we are actually more similar than we are different.  

Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne


Practice what you teach. 

Grace and courtesy feature as important values in Montessori curriculum and we know that we can teach young children to develop social intelligence. Learning how to interrupt politely, how to navigate social situations, or how to offer help to others refines children’s social skills. By modelling grace and courtesy to one another, we not only demonstrate these skills to the children with whom we work, but we establish a respectful and caring culture within our community.

Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne

I did it! 

We value the process, more than the product. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and the ability to self-correct along the way is integral to success. This is why Montessori materials are in-built with self-correction tools. This ensures that all of our students experience a sense of accomplishment. 

Personal success encourages further exploration, which leads to more success and joy in learning.

We provide and foster an environment where all individuals can succeed with ongoing curiosity and motivation. We celebrate our achievements, but more so, the effort it took to get us there. 

Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne


Make a little difference, every day.

We integrate sustainable practices in our school grounds and our curriculum.

We have a respect for individuality and individual learning and have a commitment to providing a safe environment for students to truly learn at their pace. 

We know that big achievements are made up of regular small achievements. So, we do not underestimate the little steps. Incremental change is lasting change. 

Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne

A happy place.

We have a culture that enables us to find time for one another. The three years with one teacher, in one classroom, builds trust which provides security and deepens relationships with families and those between the children themselves.

We want our community to feel valued. We do this by listening and working together constructively. In a safe and happy environment our students can excel. 

Plenty Valley International Montessori School St Helena Melbourne